Here Comes Grammy

After much contemplation, I decided to make the Grammy Squares from Sew’n Wild Oaks.  I felt so guilty about putting it aside (LOL) that I decided to make one block to see if I wanted to REALLY do this!


The block measures 6 1/4″.   The fabric is from a Moda line fat quarter pack from 2010.  Then a year or so ago I made a Happy Scrappy quilt  with Rosemary Youngs.  I changed mine around from her pattern thinking I would use a lot of fabric and ordered more of the fabric.  It is absolutely amazing how little fabric goes into a quilt when making it scrappy!  Here are the fabrics I am going to use.

imageand more ….


This bundle is not very well organized so I will do that tomorrow before I start cutting fabric.   My plan is to cut out 10 blocks for Grammy Squares and sew them along with my Dresden Heaven.  This way I will not become bored!!!

I will now have projects ready to work on while I load a quilt on the long arm and when I get tired, I can go the sewing machine and work on these 2 projects.  Happiness is being NUTS, but I seem to be having fun and excited that I have so many choices, quilting, piecing quits, and working on my applique at night!

What more could a quilter want?  (30 years to make all the quilts that are waiting in the wings). Have a great evening.

Starting My Dresden Heaven Project

Today I am taking some time out of cutting and sewing to show the process I am following to make Dresden Heaven by Susan Marth.   I purchased the pattern and the “Tiny” and “Mini” templates to make the Dresden plates which can be used with all of her patterns.  I am using the 1930’s fat quarter fabrics that I had purchased for the FW project that I am not going to make (too many problems with the book).

I cut my 2″ fabric strips for the “tiny” plates and I use my Stripin’ Sews to organize them while I am in the process of cutting the Dresden plates.   I noticed the Stripin’ Sews on  Lynn Wilder’s Blog  on one of her posts which showcased her vendor set up at a quilt show and I asked her about it.   (Lynn’s husband makes the Stripin’ Sews so if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact Lynn at I love the Strippin’ Sews for the following reasons, it provides a great way to organize fabric strips, folds down to 3″ x 17″ for easy storage, and is shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard box which is great to have to store the holder when not in use.

Sew'n Wild Oaks Stand Front Fiew

Front View

Sew'n Wild Oaks Stand Side View

Side View

Sew'n Wild Oaks

And here are pictures of the my first 4″ Dresden plate block!  I plan on making all of the “tiny” plates first and then make a decision on the color for the background fabric for the plates.  That decision will be easier to make after I have them all made.  I do not want to cut up my fabric only to find out my “idea now” would not “be a good idea then”!

First Tiny Dresden Plate

First “Tiny” Dresden Plate with Circle to Applique


Now to applique circle

4″ Tiny Dresden Plate

I originally purchased the Strippin’ Sews to make Lynn’s Grammy Squares pattern Here, but decided to make the Dresden Heaven quilt first (sorry Lynn).  Lynn has a great blog and has some neat patterns to look at on her website.

Grammy Squares Pattern

Today I picked up my new glasses….. OK…. I have learned that when you have a good thing going don’t change it.   I use Verilux Physio progressive lens and have for years because they provide the widest “corridor” without distortion and do not make me dizzy (Meniere’s).   I was advised that the new “S” lens would have a wider corridor, but not for Nanny!   I will have a new set of lens next Thursday (hopefully sooner) made with my  Verilux Physio lens and not the latest and greatest “S” lens.  I believe the old saying is, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”!  I do like the new sun shades that clip on with magnets – now those are cool!

Since I am talking about items that I use and have purchased and providing information as to where to purchase them, I thought that I would provide the following statement.  This is just to clarify that I am not in business with anyone, I just love to share what I am using and patterns that I really like or dislike.

DISCLAIMER.  When I blog about my projects, I DO NOT RECEIVE any gratuities.  I am not running a business, but just a quilter who loves to share my progress and opinions on patterns, etc.  So please do not think I am pushing any products for personal gain –  these are quilting tools that I have found work well for me and my quilting journey.  I felt that I needed to state this because there are some bloggers who do receive things for advertising products.  I Blog about my projects to assist other quilters learn from my mistakes and successes.

Ms Potts, Circa 2016, Goodbye Dear Jane, and Hello Dresden Heaven

OK – one sentence on the weather – The weather has not changed for the good it is now 100 degrees and heat index running from 105 to 109 and this ole’ lady has finally thrown in the towel as far as walking goes for this week.  Now on to quilting!

I have (again) caught up with Circa 2016 blocks from the 29 July and 5 August!  YEA.

Blocks from 29 July and 5 August 2016

Circa 2016 Blocks from 29 July and 5 August 2016

I really do enjoy making the 3 1/2″ blocks.  They go fast and are always a challenge because of the size.  To me this is a “practice” session preparing me for some of the quilts that are waiting in line for me to make.

This summer the Margaret Potts group from BAS have 3 blocks to work on.  I have finished 2 Blocks and working on the 3rd.  The last block has 4 stars and I am using the EPP method to make them so they will be “perfect” (Ha Ha).  The pieces are so small so I had to set it aside and complete the other blocks.  I took one look at the circles and thought – OH NO!  So tiny – no bigger than a dime!!!  But I started on the block and begin to enjoy the process.  The stems are embroidered with 2 strains of variegated thread.

Blocks 13 and 17

Margaret Potts BAS Project – Blocks 13 and 17

I thought I would share with all on how I do my circles.  I have 2 sets of Karen Kay Buckley mylar circles, but the time it takes to cut the fabric, baste around the circle, and then spray with sizing and iron, that I decided to take a  different approach when making circles for my applique projects.  I use C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets Here  from Amazon.  The paper is 8 1/2 x 11 and the pattern prints out great onto the freezer paper.  It is a little expensive, but the time saved is worth it.  I copy the pattern onto the paper and then cut out the pieces.  On larger patterns I have to be a little more creative, but for this project it is great as the blocks fit on the paper size just fine.  I am sure one could cut regular freezer paper and feed it through the printer, but then that takes time to do that.  (Maybe I am spoiled or getting lazy in my old age! LOL).   I still use Karen Kay Buckley circles, but only to trace around the template like I do with the freezer paper.   Here is how I prepared the small circles for the circle block above.

My technique for circles

As always, the pattern is traced on the background fabric for placement purposes using a light box and number 2 pencil.  I really thought I would have issues with the small (dime size) circles, but after working on two or three, it became easier, and besides, that is what ripping is all about when doing hand work.  It is not permanent and corrections can easily be made.

I have given up on Dear Jane.  I studied it, thought about the paper piecing, and decided that I have other things I want to work on the remainder of the year and making a quilt using paper piecing technique is not for me at this time!  I have a lot of hand work waiting in the wings to be appliqued and those should go fairly quickly (maybe by September).  I have Blocks 5 and 6 prepped for Bountiful Life, 7 more blocks for Segment 4 of Stonefields, and lots of lovely hexagons to sew together for Brinton Hall quilt.

For piecing projects I went through 5 different patterns and finally chose to make Dresden Heaven by Susan Marth.   It has mini and tiny dresden plates and such a fun project.  I finally found a pattern that I can use my 1930’s fabrics that were originally intended for the Farmers Wife… so I am happy about that, but it will take a few other projects to use all the fat quarters I purchased.

Dresden Heaven by Susan Marth at Suzn Quilts

The 1930 fabrics are not my favorite colors, but I thought that they would look good using this pattern.  This will be a fun project and one that I can cut out the plates and sew at my leisure,  remember I am supposed to be quilting on the long arm… if only I would stay away from chicken noodle soup from the can that has MSG!  I have so many notes on the refrigerator now that say “do not eat” and if only I would remember to read them!!!!!

Oh well.  I hope that everyone has had a great day and continue to enjoy your stitching.   Fall is just around the corner – 30 to 60 days!  Sometime within the next 30 days or so I will be relaxing in the RV,  visiting the Choctaw Casino, and 2 wonderful fabric stores.   I need to complete some projects to justify the fabric expenditures!

Brinton Hall is coming along!

I am still in the “cabin fever” mood!  Darn Fall cannot get her soon enough – I was hoping that the latest disturbance in the Gulf would at least bring rain and some cooler weather, but no here we are in the 99’s forever (at least it seems like).

In my last post about Brinton Hall, I was going to take the “easy way out” and just make one corner of the hexagons and then use the same colors on each of the corners.  After looking at the middle hexagons (top and bottom) I realized that I did not think saving time (and creative energy) would be the best thing to do.  So here is what I have come up with.

I surrounded each large hexagon with the main colors of  the flowers and first row of hexagons for each large hexagon!  From there I tried to incorporate colors that blended, ending with the green as a “final border”.  It took some time but I am so glad I did it because I really like the results. Because I have changed the design of the outer hexagons, I have changed the pattern.  Rather than having a space between the center medallion and the last row of hexagons I will sew them all together and then sew them on a background.

I had wondered if there would be anyway I could have just fixed a “border” for the outer hexagons to be sewn to, but realized that the middle would not be stable while doing that and more than likely I would have “bubble” problems.   I had contacted Karen of Faeries and Fibres on problems that I might encounter with that idea, when the light bulb went on in my head!  I would use a piece of muslin, and ONLY baste it to the border that would show!  Then I will not have to cut out the fabric, just rip the basting stitches.  So here is where I am now, the quilt is on the design board and I need to sew each corner together.  I will start by taking each row and sewing them into strips, label each row for placement, and then work on them in the evening.  I have taken a picture of each corner as a precautionary measure for insurance of the mind!  LOTS OF HAND WORK IN THE FUTURE!


Final Setting for the Medallion Center of Brinton Hall

I also realized that by changing the pattern I had to add two rows of hexagons on the top and bottom or it would not look right – Duh!  I may still have to do some more re-designing, hopefully not.   The bottom row is ready but I still need to place colors for the top row.  That will wait until I can get the hexagons stabilized because I fell into a reactionary mode by not leaving enough room at the top for additional top rows.  (Guess too many years working for the government – LOL) Wish me luck – any heavy breathing might start a free fall of hexagons and that would not be fun to redo this project!

Have a great day and do some stitching and quilting!

Blogging when the brain is not engaged and Brinton Hall

Well, here we are the next day and I realized that I did not add anything about my Brinton Hall.  Today is such a better day than yesterday.  I am now certain that Mr Fibro and Mr Weather Changer got me but good this week along with Mr Reflux – darn it! But Zantac 150 saved me today – thinking about taking one a day until Mr Rebound Reflux goes away!!!!!  I hate losing a day to my hobby when I cannot find my brain or my tummy hurts!

So here we go for another update!  My Brinton Hall has been ignored long enough!  All I need to do is to finish the center medallion hexagons and I can go on with my re-design of the quilt.  I would love to have it ready for show next year (being the dreamer that I am).  I have it back on the design board and filling in the remainder of the hexagons to square it.  Then I will sew the medallion to a background fabric – oh joy – another fabric color decision!

Here is a picture of the center medallion hexagon placements pattern that I am now working on.  This pattern is from a Quiltmania Magazine.

Brinton Medallion Pattern

As you can see the top and bottom of the medallion requires 10 hexagons to fill in the “empty” space.  I thought that it would look good to use the colors that were closest to the large flowers (color coordinator from the 1960’s).  I will sew them together last because after working on the corners I may have to change the color selections – we will see.

Brinton Hall Medallion Top Hexagons

Brinton Hall Medallion Top Hexagons

Brinton Hall Medallion Bottom Hexagons

Brinton Hall Medallion Bottom Hexagons

Being the “UN-scrappy quilter” I am, for the 4 corners, I selected one section and then decided that I would use the same colors for each of the corners.   I am hoping that the corners will look OK because I am not doing what I did with the top and bottom group of hexagons.  (Hum I wonder if this is a wrong move – I may need to rethink this)  (It may look better if I continue on with the “matching” of colors OR go scrappy with the top and bottom hexagons – time will tell.)  After I selected my colors, I stacked them in 4’s, labeled them (hopefully I will not screw this up) and put them in order in my handy-dandy Plano fishing tackle storage container. Love those Plano’s!

Hexagons Ready for Sewing

Now I am ready to sew each row together and then the corners (4 times).  If I try to go with different scrappy on each corner  (probably like most quilters would do) it would be too unorganized for me.  Oh well, another technique to work on next year, but so far I am doing much better with scrappy that I used to be.

Next on my list to select a piecing project to work on during the day.  I am bound and determined to get that long arm going as I have 6 tops PLUS  to quilt.  It is nice to have a quilt loaded and when I get tired I can sit at the machine and sew on another project.  I have 5 applique projects going now and no time for boredom there, just do not need to start another one although it is tempting!

Have a wonderful week-end, stay cool as winter is around the corner!  2017 is 5 months and 1 day away!!!!!!!!!  Are we happy yet?

Stonefields, Bountiful Life, and Civil War Bride Progress

Here we are  at the end of July 2016!  WOW!  Only one more month of hot weather and maybe we will all have a Fall Season that will begin in September!  We have had a break in the 50 days of no rain and now are 5″ richer.  Tomorrow the hot weather will return and I am hoping that the air will be a little dryer and not quite so humid, but who knows.  I would have never guessed that we would have rain at the end of July and it is good that we are heading into the hottest month with green grass.

I am experiencing a “little” cabin fever with this hot weather, just the opposite of cabin fever that can hit in the winter.  Maybe it is the weather change this week, but I have no desire to do anything, much less start a new piecing project, or start quilting on a quilt.  Maybe tomorrow will bring me some drive and the desire, but for now it is movie time and work on some hand applique.  We were scheduled for a trip to Durant, OK for 2 weeks, but somehow we realized that sitting in a 36 foot fifth wheel in 100 degree weather would be even worse than staying home.  At least we have the Studio to come to each day and work on our hobbies.  So that trip will be in September (darn) but it was the smart thing to do!

I have completed my current (not counting today’s) Circa 2016 blocks, finished Block 4 with CWB (Bountiful Life for me) and began working on my medallion on Brinton Hall quilt that I started late last year.

Bountiful Life Block 4

Bountiful Life Block 4

Cathy has finished Block 5 and progressing very well.  I like the fabrics she used for her block and the changes she made.  Remember – she is making this quilt with  10 1/2″ blocks – you go girl!

Cathy's Block 5


Here are my  Circa Blocks through the 22nd of July.










Stonefields Segment 4 is WIP, but I have finished 6 of the 12 blocks for this segment.  I incorporated some new fabrics and made the “mirror” block the same, but fussy cut 3 different flowers from Barbara Brackman’s Ladies Album fabric.

Stonefields Block






The center has the same hexagons as my background fabric! Looks like it belongs together – LOL

Well, this is it for now.  Maybe tomorrow will bring a better day – I am still dealing with the lovely “acid rebound” from quitting the Aciphex.  It is getting better, but a very slow progress.   I am hoping that by September things will be even better!  Have a great day and keep on stitching!  Stay cool!


Threads of Memory – Mini Dear Jane – Ms Potts Block

Just when one thinks that the weather is really HOT it gets HOTTER.  Yikes 104 heat index today and believe you me – it is HOT!

But inside my Studio it is nice and cool!   Today I have completed all of my UFO’s and am totally caught up with my monthly project blocks. I have even been working on Block 4 of Bountiful Life – hope to have it finished this next week.

A couple of months ago I sent Jaydee some batik blocks that I had made along with 3 other ladies in my one and ONLY block exchange.  I decided that if I had not put those blocks together in 4 years that I was not interested, so they took a trip to Jaydee and here is the result.  She did such a beautiful job putting all 96 blocks together to make a beautiful quilt for her bed!  I know that she will enjoy it very much!


Jaydee’s Quilt

Today I finished my Mini Dear Jane quilt, the last of my UFO’s for now (remember the Texas quilt is still WIP status).  I really like how it turned out.  I auditioned 4 different fabrics for the background before I selected the Pin Money fabric.

Mini Dear Jane 2016

Mini Dear Jane Quilt – 26″ X 26″

Moving right along, I have also finished my Threads of Memory quilt by Barbara Brackman.  This will be a wonderful lap blanket for winter time (if it gets cold this winter).

Threads of Memory 2014 BOM

Threads of Memory 2014 BOM

And last, but not least, I finished the applique for Block 10 of Ms Potts from the BAS project.

Ms Potts Block 10

Ms Potts Block 10

Looking back, the month of June has been one of my productive months in quite awhile, mostly because I am feeling great and my energy level is at 100%!  This is attributed to eliminating my acid medication Aciphex and Zantac!  I did a cold turkey after I found out that the Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) can cause hip issues, gastroparesis, and in itself cause GERD!  It was not easy to do this, but I knew that something was not right with my body and after 13 years of a GERD medication that I thought was helping me was actually hurting me!  I have a very unique genetic makeup so not everyone needs to do what I did, but for me it was a God send that something told me to do this.  Glad I did it.   I may have to still stay on a  modified diet, but boy do I ever feel great!

I may start up the long arm tomorrow and begin quilting some of these tops.  That would really make me feel even better!

Have a wonderful 4th, be safe, and happy!   Keep stitching!